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Jack White Brought His Mom On Stage To Sing Happy Birthday In Polish 

Jack White’s mom turned 88 years old on Tuesday so he brought her on stage and sang a Polish birthday song to her to celebrate her heritage. Jack White doesn’t allow phones at his shows so there isn’t a video but there is a super adorable photo that was posted on his Instagram. Check it out here

Panic! At The Disco’s Awesome Queen Cover

Arctic Monkey’s Drummer Going Solo? 

According to sources, the drummer from Arctic Monkeys, Matt Helders, is working on a solo album but wants to make a lot of music first. He said quote, “

“I think I’m getting to a point now in which the style has developed and what I want to do is more clear to me than it was before. “ He’s also been a member of Iggy “Pop’s Post Pop Depression Band.” Read more here

Nirvana Reunion At LA Festival 

Foo Fighters Dropping Hints About Nirvana Reunion 

Foo Fighters are teasing everyone with a Nirvana reunion. They posted on their Twitter account about possibly performing at Joan Jett’s documentary movie night and the other post was an old video of Nirvana performing with Joan Jett in 2014 when she got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. More here

Twenty One Pilots Went Live On IG and Tyler Was Pissed 

Twenty One Pilots did something they almost never do... Live Stream on Instagram.

2 days before “TRENCH” drops for the world, legally, the guys went live to talk to fans.

Check out the stream below:

Netflix Letting You “Choose Your Own Adventure” On Black Mirror

Season 5 of “Black Mirror” on Netflix is about to get really real. According to sources, Netflix is bringing an interactive element to the season by letting viewers quote, “choose-your-own-adventure.” According to The Hollywood Reporter quote, “the interactive narrative would allow viewers to pick how the story will unfold as they watch.” Could be pretty sweet. More details here

Dave Grohl Reveals His Drinking Routine Before Shows

Dave Grohl revealed his drinking routine before he plays a Foo Fighters show. First, he had a Coors Light an hour before the show. Then quote, “About 50 minutes before the gig, I hit my first Jag [Jägermeister], finish the Coors Light, get another Coors Light going. Now there’s a bunch of people around, so I’m throwing shots at everybody and I’m taking shots with everyone in the room. The next Coors Light is down, I got a cold one.” He said he basically gets to the point where he’s throwing shots at everyone and why he’s not quote, “scared of the Lord.” Read more here

Awolnation Joining Twenty One Pilots On “Bandito” Tour

Twenty One Pilots will officially kick off their fall “Bandito” tour October 16th and now we know who’s playing with them. The band announced yesterday that Max Frost and Awolnation will be joining them. Check out all the tour dates here

Oasis Offered Mad Money To Reunite? 

There has been a never ending battle to get the bros from Oasis to reunite and play a show together.  According to NME, they’re been offered a quote, “lucrative sum to reunite for a massive show at Dublin’s Slane Castle.” The last show they played together was in 2009. Who knows if it will work. More here

Travis Barker Suing School Bus Driver Over Damages  

Travis Barker has had some bad luck lately.

He was involved in a car accident with a school bus a while back which lead to him needing an MRI. To get the MRI, he needed to be sedated. The MRI office tried to find a vein 40 times to get him under but because he was pricked so many times, he got a staph infection.

Since that infection, he has had a laundry list of health problems causing Blink-182 to cancel TONS of shows. Their Las Vegas residency? On hold. Other tour dates? Canceled. 

Travis is now suing the bus driver who made the illegal left turn and the MRI office for damages.

New Imagine Dragons Song “Zero” Has Hit The Internet

Imagine Dragons fans rejoice! We have new music from the Colorado quartet that his hit the internet!

The band’s new track titled “Zero” will be the featured song in the end credits of Disney second film in the Wreck-It Ralph franchise, “Ralph Breaks the Internet”

The lyric video for the song is meme-inspired...aka, it’s amazing!

Check it out below 

Travis Barker Filed Multiple Lawsuits 

Travis Barker has been out of commission for a while with health issues and had to cancel several upcoming Blink 182 shows. Well according to NME, he filed two lawsuits after quote, “ A car crash and a botched medical procedure prevented him from working.” He’s suffered nerve damage and a staph infection which resulted in him not being able to play shows. More details here

Tom Hardy Recording An Album?

According to The Sun, Tom Hardy is recording his own album. The source says he’s quote, “been busy working on his own rap/grime album and teamed up with top record producer Sam Williams.” Apparently, an old mix tape he made about 20 years ago was released online so he’s been into making music for a while now. Read more details here

Paramore Officially Retiring “Misery Business” From Future Shows

Paramore has officially decided to stop playing “Misery Business” from all future shows. There’s a line in the song that says quote, “Once a whore, you’re nothing more, I’m sorry, that will never change” so there has been a controversy about it being an “anti-feminist” song. When they play the song recently she just didn’t sing that line. 

Hayley Williams said quote, “I was a 17 year old kid when I wrote the lyrics in question and if I can somehow exemplify what it means to grow up, get information, and become any shade of ‘woke’, then that’s a-okay with me.” More details here

Welcome To Rockville Announces Return in 2019!


Just like that, the rock gods have sent word from high in the metal clouds...

Again, the largest rock festival in the region is going to be taking over Duval for 3 days.

That would all-but guarantee that camping options will be available for the 2nd straight year as well as the standard hotel and commuter packages.

We had a blast at Welcome To Rockville this past year, and we brought our cameras with us. Click the gallery below to see if our lenses spotted you at the show!

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