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Coolest Yellowcard cover, ever. 

There are awesome covers and then there is this. This is Postmodern Jukebox. They have a whole channel dedicated to time travelling covers. This one is fun, because these guys are from here. 

Tank Trax- Rockville playlist

Welcome To Rockville is soooo far away, but here are a few songs that are sure to get you in a Rockville state of mind.  For the the who play list go here: 

The 1975 getting hella acoustic

This song is an acoustic version of their song “Be My Mistake” and will leave you broken. 

Blake Bortles  out as starting QB. 

Doug Marrone is tired of this losing s***. He already fired his OC this morning and now announces another change, this time at starting QB. Yesterday BB5 couldn’t even throw shade, so this move comes as no surprise. This week the Colts, who have been on fire come to town for an AFC South showdown.

Jags fire Offensive Coordinator.

One day after another loss and 7 weeks too late, the Jacksonville Jaguars have terminated 

Nathaniel Hackett. Honestly, I feel like he is getting the blame for an injured O-line, poor Qb play, and terrible play calling...Oh, some of those things are his fault.  After the loss, the Jags are probably out of playoff contention even though they made it all the way to the AFC championship last year. Best of luck Mr. Hackett, hopefully your next gig works out better.  

Twenty One Pilots give back

TOP are one of the biggest bands in the World right now, but they still found time to visit some kids that couldn’t make it to their show in St. Louis.

Panic! Frontman has heart of gold.

Brendon Urie is one of the most dynamic vocalists working today and really funny to boot. He is always up for doing some good. We are not involved in this product nor do we endorse it. I just thought this was an amazing program featuring one of the nicest guys in music.

Twenty One Pilots kicked off their tour last night.

Attention, Skeleton Clique: The Twenty One Pilots Worldwide tour started last night in Nashville. While it’s going to be months until they come here, This freight train is rolling. They are in St. Louis tonight.

Tank Trax- Jax Music vol. Lucky #7

We are almost 2 months in to some of the best artists in our great city. 

Ask Me If I Care- ‘Merica On Fire 

Honey Hounds- Gypsy Woman

Ksick- Home Of The Garment

Denied Til Death- Brainrot (EP)

La Rogue- Good To Me 

Venom is getting a tongue lashing from critics. 

Critics think so highly of their own opinions. It really is pretentious to assume that you are so good at seeing movies, that what you think of them should determine if people should see them.  Here’s the thing...If you are in to it, see it. You’re not that busy. Take 2 hours go see it, form your own opinion or wait til I see it and find out my opinion. 

Tank Trax- Jax Music Vol. 6

We are 6 episodes in with no shortage of talent in sight! Duval got slaps, homie. 

Young Ghosts- Faded.

Kou & LaRossa- Time Is The Enemy

Skyview- You Win

Cloud9 Vibes- Dream Crusher 

The Dog Apollo- I, Miner

Jacksonville Music hitting the airwaves this week. 

This is some Jacksonville music that you will be hearing on our station this week. Looks like half the video was shot at Regency and the other half in NYC. 

Yuno- No Going Back.

Tank Trax- The Isle of Misfit songs

When it comes to music, I kinda hate the term “one hit wonder”. I have known enough great bands without a hit to trivialize people that actually make it to the charts. Plus, a lot of artists have more awesome music to discover. Here are some of my favorite Lone charting singles. 

Paw- Jesse

Nixons- Sister

Yung Wun- Tear it Up. 

After Midnight Project- Take Me Home 

Cool For August- Trials. 

Tank Trax- Jax Music: Vol. 5

We are continuing our series of some of Jacksonville’s most talented residents. 

Dancing With Ghosts- The Nightmare Inside You

Maybe Someday- Shovel To The Moon

Cardinal Virtues- Nine Of Swords 

Master Radical- Your Time Is Coming

Breaking Through- Are We All We Are

Tank Trax- New music from Mumford & Sons 

Just when we were wondering out loud when we’d see new music from Mumford & Sons, we get a new single today! 

The track is off their recently announced album “Delta” which the band announced on their Instagram today:

Look for Delta to be released on November 16th. 

Mumford also announced a forthcoming tour, although the dates and locations will be available on October 4th.

Take a listen to the new track, “Guiding Light” below: 

Tank Trax- Jax Music Vol.4 

It’s that time again. Time to vibe to some juicy cuts from the 904. Listen and enjoy. Also, like all these bands on social media and go see them. 

Truly Unmasked- This Beating Heart. 

Danka- Perfectly Strange

Edenfield- Girl From Oxford

Puzzles To Pieces- We Happy Few

Glazed- Antithesis

Tank Trax- Greatest diss tracks...NSFW

The ancient art of the diss track has been in the forefront of social media, but it far from new. Here are some of the best that were harder, better and more creative than the current incarnations. 

Ice Cube- No Vaseline. 

Tupac- Hit ‘em Up

Dr. Dre F/ Snoop- Mess With Dre Day

Nas- Ether

Common- The B**** in yoo

Tank Trax- Songs with a nasty groove

These are some songs that give you “stink face”. That’s the face you make when a song hits you on that primitive gene that we all have. Chunky guitar or funky bass shit, it can even be drums. Here are dirty ditties that you will need to q-tip after. 

Tank Trax- Jax Music Vol. 3

Took a week off from this, because I was literally off for a week.  Let’s catch up with some of Duval’s hottest bands. 

Rip Junior- One Track Mind 

Flipturn (One of my favorite Jax bands)- August 

Deadkaren- Captive

The Ivan Pulley Band- Lovin’ Man

Axiom- Tracy Morgan

Tank Trax: Hump Day, Punk Day.

I have never been a huge punk fan. That said there are a few songs, that cut through my typically non-punk sensibilities.

Rancid- Ruby Soho.

Social Distortion- I was wrong.

The Stooges- I wanna be your dog. 

Fugazi- Waiting Room.

Suicidal Tendencies- Institutionalized.

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